5.0 of 5 starsSuper backpack for a small price.

From Gwynplaineon

Two weeks I was trekking with packed 26 kg heavy Tashev in the Azores. The build quality is exceptionally good: all seams bomb, wear-resistant material, and stable and the zippers consistently. The bag system is quite well thought out with the separate front pocket and the design I find very appealing. Also the very good and sufficient rain protection in the upper pocket is a big plus. The backpack was overall quite pleasant, although not extremely comfortable. A big advantage is the practical carrying straps on the front, with which the pack can be transported or turned easily over short distances. The backpack is very big, but acts not oversized. For my purposes, was very good because I was able to carry the tent in your backpack (and not outside angezurrt), which is obviously better weight distribution was possible.

The size setting is very fiddly when the shoulder straps are drawn at a shorter back through the bottom tabs should. With my 178 cm my back length was almost exactly halfway between the two Höheneinstellmöglichkeiten, so both were uncomfortable in their own way. If the shoulder straps were pulled through the top flaps, expressed the bottom tabs partly through the padding of the shoulder straps. Overall my size setting does not seem thought out to the end, because a fine adjustment is very difficult.

The aluminum frame is visible from the outside and is very stable. Sometimes it has slightly pushed me in the back, but that did not noticed painful or uncomfortable.

The hip belt can be effectively adjusted only on the left side while walking, while deducted for adjusting the right side of the backpack and opened the hip belt longer must become. Not an ideal solution, since the belt for my hip was still a little too far. Also desirable would be a pocket on the hip belt.

5.0 of 5 stars
From HISon

This backpack does what it promises, huge capacity with simultaneous moderate weight and high strength. This backpack has a week-long Caucasus mountain tour with a 25kg load passed without objection with me. The strap Velcro attachments make these also still airworthy, so this backpack can be unhesitatingly aufgegen without additional servings as airline baggage. At the house the rain cover in the lid compartment can get used well. Certainly an inside pocket on the back would be helpful, but is given the extensive range compartments not absolutely necessary. you can say a very good backpack a lot of load can withstand while can still wear comfortable, all around.

4.0 of 5 starsnice backpack
From Andreaon

The backpack has come in Thailand to use. Good quality and also fully packed very good to wear. I can only recommend.

5.0 of 5 starsSuper backpack for a small price
From Henker
2-week camping trip with 22 (26) kg 300 km by England
I ran the last 2 weeks 10 hours a day with this backpack across England and he was often put to the test.

- good wearing comfort
- adjustment
- a lot of space
- lower zipper does not sit on the ground from the backpack
- many mounting options
- Waterproof
- coating is removable
- very sturdy

- the backpack is better suited for large numbers of people
- in the cup holders should grab any narrow 1.5 liter bottles as they like fall out
- there is no bubble
- the overcoat does not fit with insulation pad over the backpack and tying in the rain is annoying
- padding has worn fairly quickly
- the side straps can not be opened

5.0 of 5 starsSolid, good backpack,
From rarerion

The backpack came very quickly, is very large and has an extremely solid. The manufacturer's specified 60 kg I would however never fill, apart from the fact that the backpack would then no longer be worn. The aluminum struts at the back are stable and practical, even if the backpack is not perfect packed, nothing pushes in the back. The very wide waist straps are comfortable to wear and the rain cover is practical. I have worn the backpack on a 2 week trekking tour in Norway, the initial loading was about 24 kg, the backpack has been through with no problems. Even the fact that I have the backpack often deposited on stones to relax the back, has the floor (contrary to my guess) spotted anything. Apart from a bit of dirt looks the backpack like new. All seams have held, no single plan is in the fabric. The buckles are very stable and show no major signs of wear. The backpack has many pockets and straps with buckles, so a lot of possibilities for fixing outside of the rucksack are given. The rain cover is attached to the top, which has the slight disadvantage that it is difficult to accept when it rains a little out of the backpack. Big advantage is that the rain cover with fast onset of rain is much faster than the backpack, as if they would be stored as comparable models in rucksack bottom. The casing is knotted below the backpack with thin strips, which some time cost, but is not a real shortcoming. The case is therefore more flexible and also spans medium externally attached things. All in all a very solid real backpack inferior to more expensive branded products in nothing! Clear purchase recommendation seeking a solid product at a reasonable price for trekking fan.

5.0 of 5 starsBeautiful backpack!
From Frederick T

Was bought for my son (abroad)!
Looks very good processed with many subjects and possibilities reinzupacken what. The zippers and buckles act
very robust and stable. Overall, very nice and recommended!

5.0 of 5 starsSuperpatches !!
From Emanuelon

Had brought the backpack for my 100km through the Scottish Highlands.
If you walk around there, one might think it gäbge only Osprey & Tatonka rucksacks.
Total costs for parts a multiple of that. Here and can not even
The backpack has enough compartments for things to stow the rain cover fulfills your purpose, but I would advise everyone to be alone in order reasons, yet to pick introduce additional Drybags.
My backpack was loaded with 20 kg of the noted and eventually on the back. But the belt system makes it bearable (either can be adjusted at the store or during the walk so expermientieren).

5.0 of 5 starsgreat backpack
From ANDI Son

Huge, well split backpack, great processed and in my opinion for what he can still low. Have him 3 weeks now tested in Scotland and to the brim crammed with 22 KG. Only drawback is that you have at least 1.75, more needs to be 1.80 for this pack to ensure it fits perfectly. Bin 1.78 and much less I could not be due to the seat at the back / hips. Otherwise many subjects, body separated with zipper to the lower part, 3 Minor side / front pockets, in which also fits much. Really good. Can recommend.

5.0 of 5 starsGreat Backpack
From Stephanieon

The money was worth it. The value for money is great. So low for such a large trekking backpack. If you want to just go away, not months-long trek plans by countries where it would be difficult to get a new forth, this backpack is ideal. He is very strong, there have even been tested, because I always tranzportiere oodles on my travels, alone already on the way, 50 kg were not a problem. The backpack offers plenty of storage space.

5.0 of 5 starsNeat !!!!

The backpack makes NEN ordinary and robust impression! Now comes only times ne-month journey through Vietnam;)
Let's see what I can report it!

5.0 of 5 starsClass hiking guide
From Fabiuson

Have your backpack now used for several several weeks touring without which he would have left me even once in the lurch. The seams, straps and zippers hold despite a heavy load (about 20kg) and the cushion press (at least so far) not flat. After the first tour, however, the aluminum frame has slightly bent. However, this does not change the stability, but rather increases comfort, since he has thus adapted to the back. Anyone looking for a backpack, with which he / she may be overcharging hopeless will be well served with this.

4.0 of 5 stars

From Raumwunder

Is an enormous amount of purely! The carrier rather narrow, let's see whether this will contribute to prolonged. High quality material, good workmanship.

5.0 of 5 starsFirst impression: Top
From staron

The model I purchased to finally have nothing outside bind to the backpack. The real test will be this summer in Lapland still pending. However, since our friend Sacki tested the part, it can only be good. To my mind, the outside pockets could be slightly larger. Since just fits times as purely a Nalgene bottle. Positive: the size is very light weight and the rain cover is also already included !!

5.0 of 5 starsIt does not always have a well-known brand!
From Capivaraon

Our backpacks have survived our two month journey through south America without visible consequences. The backpacks were pack well and wear. A particularly "clever" detail is a 2nd handle so you can carry the backpack with 2 hands, at least for short distances. Desirable in a "new edition: a box at the back wall, so you can also transport A-4 document / book halfway plan

5.0 of 5 starsTop Ding
From Ricardo thunderon

Needed for my Australia trip a large or the largest backpack there is! ^^ Absolutely happy, really huge, cleverly constructed with the Tashev and super comfort. The only downer is the cover of the metal support rail from and to come down, so that the sharp metal comes to light. Otherwise, processing is great, I would highly recommend.

5.0 of 5 starstop
From Sandra Groeningon

Super processed Backpack, makes a very high-quality impression and is recommended genuine in the price. Very nice that the rain cover is right there.

5.0 of 5 starsbackpack
From Edmaier

Iam trekking backpack Tashev gave my son. Yet he had no opportunity to use these. His trip to Vietnam soon will tell if he proves himself. The backpack is very spacious with a really large capacity. The main compartment can be loaded either from the top or from the bottom. Place also offer the additional compartments. I particularly like the integrated rain cover. The backpack is very light and comfortable to wear. With the delivery I was very pleased, the backpack I received on time within 2 days to Christmas.

5.0 of 5 starsI'm really begeister and write for the first time a review!
From J Spenger

I normally do not review, was also very skeptical based on the very good reviews. But can without a doubt say that it is not to freak reviews because I am as excited and quality have honestly not expected for this price. Had not thought of when you see the price of their competitors, which one can still have great quality without paying the name now. Processing, comfort and functionality are really compelling. Now only a remark on my part to further improve what would have still liked in this backpack, where I also know that you can never have everything. In my opinion, would have been good if we had a Hydration System and even over small pockets on the hip belt as in Kentaurus. But the fact remains that I am thrilled and each simply can advise only on this backpack if you are looking for a large backpack with lots of clever compartments

5.0 of 5 stars Top quality
From Tripolion

First big compliment to the fast shipment, despite Christmas holidays!

At first glance, makes the backpack a very high-quality impression, extremely ample storage space everything that I need for the next Norway Survival Trip!

He sits super and not suppressed.

I will in the next year the backpack thoroughly check until then stay the 5 * exist, then the review will be adjusted or so left :)


A Satisfied customer
5.0 of 5 stars5-deserved star
From Susanneon

The backpack was a Christmas present to my son, who spends a semester abroad in Colombia shortly. He is very excited about the backpack, since it provides for the way plenty of storage space, you can collapse but by a variety of adjustment options even so it that you can use it easily even for short trips locally. At first glance, 5 star, which has earned the backpack.

5.0 of 5 starsPrice / value is the best!
From Kestutison

Price / value is the best!
Beautiful backpack. No problem. I werder buy again, but I hope that I will use for a long time.

5.0 of 5 starsSuper backpack for that price
From Philipp Freudigmannon

I got it, although not yet tested, but the backpack seems to me processed and rugged very neat. He really has a lot of storage space and separate bags. Am pretty sure that this purchase was the right one.

5.0 of 5 starsPeak in price / performance and quality
From tom1101on

quality no complaints, recommended, top product with top quality (perfectly adequate for 5 weeks Asia trip), very good ausbalancierbar-good comfort and handiness

5.0 of 5 starsBest!
From M Jans

I searched the backpack, with the highest volume capacity. That one, the weight eventually certainly no longer can bear, I did not care. I saw TASHEV (Buga Generic manufacturer), read the reviews and ordered me to mount 100 + 20 in Black (yellow). In addition, the backpack is liferbar in other colors. As a result: Great !!

Am fully satisfied. Backpack I have loaded with ca.35kg and gehuckt through the area. No tear, smart card system, robust and felt infinitely filled. Located Very clever are the outer pockets: a frontal, a left, a right, a top. Great!! In the Tashev really goes in a lot. I also had to squeeze, and pulled the zippers: Well, the thought; rather I had no more than that the zips ripped force. The entire backpack falls with a basis weight of 2.5kg actually very easy. What you then that packs there any self remains überlaassen. 35kg have traveled extensively. But I have no tear heard or noticed.

In other words: Who has a long tour in front of him, and is looking for a backpack, and TASHEV has in view: BUY! , , .Here Can not do very much wrong. Estimated there are actually 100l upwards you can take here. In a cash of € 150 compared to € 310 Tatonka 90l the difference in price is obvious. On backpack itself are quite a lot of loop and tensioning belts. Wnaderstöcke and sleeping bags should be here to fix easily.

Especially great: The main compartment is divided, but can also be combined. In the lower part are wonderful, 1-pair Wnaderschuhe and one or two pairs of shoes simple slippers accommodate. Then fit there still loose a large towel, hygiene bags and a small towel pure. Oh, and cute backpack is even.

Along focus: Rather you do not get the thing off fully loaded, as the volume would be too low. As mentioned: material, robustness, design possibilities are great. In relation to the price: Unbeatable !!
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5.0 of 5 starsHighly recommended
From Lukibuggion

Backpack is very high quality and suitable for multi-day hiking tours.
Adapts very well to the body, even heavy luggage is very well balanced with right attitude.
Sufficient storage space.
Would recommend to anyone who has the necessary height and can carry equal weight.
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5.0 of 5 stars
From Johann Frimmeron
Color: Camouflage
Do not write reviews, but this product has a very positive evaluation for good value. Normal
Bin in the automotive industry, working as a coachbuilder in hardware and digital, also know myself well with interiors, upholstery work out.
Only the Spartan interior or compartmentalisation is possibly negotiable (positive bzw.negativ),
clearly positive for me.
Become myself, reversible install an optional fixation hydration bladder, or individual compartments.
About longevity I can not make a statement, this was for me, when purchasing the material Condrua decisive.

5.0 of 5 starsConvincing !! TOP !!
From Paton
Orange (Limited Edition) | Verified
First Impression TOP !!

Have get the backpack in organs-Black "Limited Edition" today and can previous speakers only Agree, here you get really something For The Money !!

+ Preiss (100 + 20 liters for 155 € TOP)
+ support frame ( High quality ALU frame with VBS for Optimal loads distribution.
High quality materials and components etc. Cordura !!
+ packing volume + weight damn good !!
+ rain cover (unfortunately black) Included.
+ optics and mounting options.
+ etc.

Currently, I could not find anything negative also is this review a first impression of the product and is still being tested properly in use so I will later times post a Supplement and / or this review update..

CONCLUSIONS: Seems a good trekking backpack for heavy loads and long trips with a very good Preiß performance have to be & Manufactured in the EU Super !! Other well-known manufacturers as well as "felt" hardly anything better in range and but require Exorbitant sums being mostly the "name" Pay although since it is known that they can Nevertheless, in the Far East Produce (Annoying)

5.0 of 5 starstop .... .... top top
From Tom Sockeon

so .... could finally try out the good pieces. genius backpack .... condemned much space .... guess are also more than 100 or 120 liters. had packed the rucksack with almost 18 kilo .... did not wear problems when and days of 12 camping holidays in norway no noticing wear.
The bag bottom is not at all times connected to the center ..... in the main compartment are still good 15 to 20 cm in addition there .... in height .... you do not see unfortunately the picture ..... how the two compartments at the back ... top ..... a small and a slightly larger ..... the rain cover is also packed separately.

5.0 of 5 starsSuper backpack
From Anita Gärtneron

This backpack is just huge my apartment is only slightly larger. ;-) It is beautiful and durable.
Until now I have once carried a weight of about 15 kg, it was in no way uncomfortable or similar at the end of the day I had no back pain.
Who needs a lot of space which I recommend everyone this backpack !! !

5.0 of 5 starsThomas
From Thomas

I can only say the backpack is easily processed super, top quality, and many storage options. I am looking forward to the tour of Asia.
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5.0 of 5 stars a practical companion with high storage capacity
From superfligheron

The backpack has proved very successful at the last trip to China. The guaranteed storage concept that is rapidly approaching that of everyday things without having to unpack everything. Even if the backpack was packed, the carrying system has exerted no pressure on my body and the load was evenly distributed. Super backpack!

5.0 of 5 starsgreat product
From giuliay cubaon

Very well done backpack. More than timely delivery! (Actually one day in advance)
My doubt what about seams and zippers But They seem to be quite tough and it's so good looking. I'm looking forward to test the performance.

5.0 of 5 stars Can my previous reviews only agree
From Lukas K

I can only repeat what has already been written. The backpack is really spacious, but can be significantly compressed by the plurality of straps and is therefore well suited for lower loading. The material makes a really good impression and the included rain cover is really convenient.

5.0 of 5 starsSimply tremendous
From Claudia Marméon

This backpack does what the description promises very good processing plenty of room and storage space ... it was purchased for in year Work and Travel

5.0 of 5 starsMeets its purpose
From Dietrichon

The backpack has everything you need if you plan a multi-day tour.
The product is supplied good condition in a very and with a 2 year warranty card
at the sides, above two, a storage space below for sleeping bag for bags there are plenty of front, example, a larger main compartment and inside again a small grid for stowing Toothbrush stuff eg.
shoulder and lap belt are well adapted and are not uncomfortable and the shoulder straps are not adjustable heights. The back cushions are the right place and do not interfere, even if what hard is stowed in the backpack itself. In the back are 3 Solid aluminum struts installed that gives the whole stability. From comfort top.
When the hands hang down and no one knows where are small loops on shoulder are where you can push through the thumb and thus has better feeling while hiking. Even otherwise move has begun to nix Press.
Simply recommendable Top!

5.0 of 5 starsgreat part
From Dieter Kochon

Have just a report written and is gone! Therefore, the short version! Conclusion: Should keep the seams, this bag is clearly a best buy! Done! Has everything on it and I enjoy.
For this price unbeatable! Here you have the chance, they want to take a whole loaf of bread, without even squeeze in mini format! This can be, but need not.
The setting is great, the D-rings provide additional opportunities etc.
I advise still, for what the two buckles that are on the upper back / below the top of the aluminum rails attached? Any kind of belt can be as secure ... just how and for what?

Long time experience:
Now after the second major trekking tour after almost 1 year I would like to share the following experiences:

1) In the hip / buttocks area of the fabric fuselt from. Not bad, but strange. I have not had with other backpacks!
Maybe it's the yet thinner material !?
2) At the chest strap to a small part has replaced on the buckle. Well ... could come from me ... hold still.
3) The large volume was very convenient. Stuffs to a thicker jacket into it, so you need not compress too much.
4) The large volume but also has a small disadvantage. The backpack is not very good, because it naturally will collapse by its size and thin material. So you can not even briefly leave the backpack at the tree and cozy what needs rausholen.Man keep him constantly because he tips over the same. Annoying, but not bad. Council: pack all things in bags, so that the most important thing may be out looking for.
5) Wearing was okay. It lies on the back of good. However, you sweat but quite a lot, because the large back plate prevents or inhibits the circulation. And: Large loads are only possible with this backpack. The hip belt can be more stable. As could over time at the seam points it out to rise which could ...!
6) Conclusion: still worth the money, even if it already here and there shows certain weaknesses. The bags are okay, and who needs the size completely ... must get used to that behind him about 25 cm extends the thing over his head. One must not forget that more stable backpacks then but no less than 1 kg more have it and he has not. For many a reason to buy this backpack. All in all still a good backpack, which you appreciate when you consider that in other backpacks a thicker jacket has almost no space.
I give clear 5 star ...

Addendum: I have it ... the two buckles intended for women, so that the carrier can be adjusted downwards! So one way anzupassen..cool the shoulder straps! Furthermore, 5 star ...'m still excited!

5.0 of 5 starsRespect!
From haders

has actually already said everything.

The main criteria for my purchase were large volume, load capacity (here are given 60 kg!) and no price of 250 €. Although stress testing is still pending, but considering the materials used, I make me not worried. Huge he's all, just by the extension in the upper range of what can not be seen in the pictures. After filling (also the upper pocket) I come to about 120 cm height! Respect!!! Now I get the family trekking holidays all things (especially my children) stowed.
I had before buying a little skeptical because it is produced in Bulgaria. Well, the love prejudices ...
Fact: Has very valuable, super processed. I'm very satisfied.

PS: Although the degree of my first review is: No one forced me / paid to write this review here. It has been a need in view of the fact that there is only 1 review for this pack.

5.0 of 5 starsWooow !!
From cton

I have this backpack for a several week tour Sweden ordered because my BW backpack seemed 80 + 20 liters too small.
First I was very skeptical when ordering because no information and opinions were to find others. Finally I have it ordered in good hope. For this I would like to say clearly that this my recession by me coming and not a fake, and therefore no one I paid for it!

Mehrwöchig suggests my opinion anything like / what should be a backpack / offer: Lots of room + comfort + stability !
Finally, the backpack is my home for a few weeks and will have a lot to endure !!

Yes, this backpack has actually everything it has to offer a backpack for extremely long walks. I can not even yet grasp to have a backpack found such. Use only Woooow

I'll start:

+ Very light for its class!
+ Very well made (could with my find any flaws and I am a perfectionist)
+ So much space thanks to the expandable lid !!!! ALDA SWEDE !!
I have a feeling that it may even be more than 120 liters when the Decker is moved up to the top which is not visible on images! So the proceeds upward.
+ The material seems thin to me, but to be very robust at the same time! Strange thing to say! Perhaps it is this Cordura fabric. The fabric is not for nothing "Outdoor tanks". Anyway, I love it.
+ 3 medium pockets on the sides and at / near the center hole. If they are not needed are so good that you folded it almost looks.
+ All attachment loops at the right spot well laid.
+ Light-Robust metal rails, which serves as a frame for the backpack, well positioned between adjustable harness and backpack. The rails have given me a very good impression.
+ The back system is individually adjustable so that it can be adapted to both shoulders perfectly. According to info if up to 60 Kg without much difficulty be worn. (Very important for longer trips)
+ The lower storage space is ideal for clothing / dirty laundry or other utensils. At the bottom of the backpack more attachment loops are present and at the top on the cover.
+ The main storage space can demand combined with lower storage space at. Speaks, an inner wall can be off / make.
+ The lid can be quite agree even and contains inside a compartment for passport, money, documents, etc. Outside is a large zipper pocket to be viewed directly on the tray of the rain cover.
+ Rege case with this.
+ at the bottom right and left are semi-open pockets which serve as a bottle holder. I was doing rather my tools clean.
+ Compression straps also give a very good impression.
+ The design is madness. Rarely have I seen such a beautiful bag in the complete package and I have seen many of them.
+ Value is excellent !! Unbelievable how you can offer something good at such a price. I'm amazed. This backpack can easily keep up with the superiors as Bergans, Tatonka etc.

All in one I am very happy with it. I'm very surprised by the size and quality. Absolute buy recommendation !! . Toll toll toll

PS: Once I will test the backpack, takes some feedback whether the purchase has really paid off.