BESTARD® MOUNTAIN BOOTS - made in Spain since 1940

I bought a pair of these from you quite some years ago- they've been the best pair of boots I've owned. Looking forward to a new pair though, finally worn the old ones out. Frazer Robinson

I've had my Bestard boots for four years, I can honestly say they are the best boots I have had. I am a contract fencer and keen hunter and I have used these boots everyday. Darren Johnstone

Hi kim ,thanks your last boots lasted me 6 years of hard farm work and still going the bestards are comfortable and bloody tough.cheers graham

Hi Kim,

It has taken me a while this winter to get out in the mountains but I have been away the last two weekends and gotten up reasonably high. Those Bestard Serak’s are amazing. It’s the first time in my life I have found a really comfortable boot due to my odd shaped feet which are wide at the front and most boots pinch my small toes. Also I used to get heel rubbing in old leather boots. Some trips I used to just about get crippled.

These new boots are like slippers and increadibly comfortable all day long.

Thanks for this as I know from years of uncomfortable boots and blisters that it’s the most important part of all the equipment.Worth me writing back to you about.

Cheers, James Ure

I have had these boots for about 2 years now and they handle yard work on the farm better than any other boot that I have had including some high quality boots. I have also got a pair of Kathmandu's that I have had for 2 years and use on the farm, there is no sign of wear or cracks in the leather at all.

Thanks for supplying great boots at a great price

Thanks Campbell Bremner

I’ve had the Bestards for a year now. I’ve got to say they are the best hunting boots I’ve ever had. It looks like the uppers will outlast the soles and I’ve never had that happen before.

When I bought them I thought they were a bit tight, but I trusted your experience and they wore in spot on. My achilles has been playing up a bit and the extra height in the boot and support has been good for that.


I felt my Lowa Rangers were pretty comfy until I got my hands (feet) on a pair of Bestard Coto's. I was little disappointed how long the Lowa's stitching lasted, 2 years not so hard hunting Maybe the Bestards just suit my foot shape better.
I wont be looking for another boot when time comes for replace these.
Happy to buy another pair from when the time comes.

The boots you supplied us and expert advice has been superb. Quality of them is apparent and met our requirements of ankle support, stability and comfort on D'Urvile island for work conditions. We are saistfied, thanks again. I look forward to dealing with you and Simon in the new year and wish you both a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Johnny Joseph
Weed Team
Sounds Area Office

Hi Kim

just letting you no the boots worked out good, first time i have worn boots with a hard sole took a bit to get used to but by the end of the trip they were good as, first time i have been away on a hunting trip and have come home with dry feet!! i was in fiordland to which is like a giant spounge

thank you Regards from Joss Tua -Davidson Building

Hi Kim
I have purchased two pairs of Bestard Sarak in the past and I am very
impressed with their comfort and support.
I am a fencing contractor, farmer and hunter and wear these boots every
day and they get a hard life - I am getting
nearly 4.5 years out of one pair and would highly recommend them to
Got a pair of bestards kathmandu off you back in 2018 I have thrashed them and aren't showing much if any signs of wear (only sole but still plenty of life left) only buying new boots to have dry pairs to wear .  I can't believe the mileage and comfort these boots deliver.  80% of my time of use is pig and deer hunting so I've carried heavy loads in them and my feet are never sore in them. Just thought I'd let you know. 
I would recommend them to anyone.