WAPITI to be eradicated?

Following is from Deer Stalkers ASSN NZ reaction to lawfare from Forest and Bird.

I want to bring to your attention a critical issue facing the wapiti in Fiordland National Park. This situation involves a significant legal challenge that threatens not only the wapiti herd but also conservation efforts in the region. To understand the full scope and implications of this controversy, we encourage you to read the detailed news article available here: Read More.


The article highlights a contentious legal dispute between Forest & Bird and the Department of Conservation over the management of wapiti in Fiordland National Park. This dispute raises concerns about biodiversity, the role of hunting in conservation, and the management of big game animals within national parks. The legal challenge by Forest & Bird is seen as a threat to the sustainable management practices that have been established for the wapiti, potentially jeopardizing conservation efforts and the balance of the ecosystem. The health of the forest and concerted conservation efforts in the Wapiti Area are down to the efforts of volunteer hunters led by the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation. 


Hunters are again at a watershed moment! The lawsuit launched by Forest & Bird against responsible wildlife management practices poses a dire threat to the wapiti. This is not just an attack on a species; it's an assault on our values, our heritage, and our proven conservation strategies. We cannot stand by as this reckless legal challenge undermines years of dedicated effort and balance achieved in wildlife and habitat management. The time to act is now! We call upon every member of our community to mobilise, speak out, and take decisive action to protect our wapiti and our right to hunt. The survival of these magnificent creatures and the integrity of our conservation efforts are in peril. Stand with us and the team at the Wapiti Foundation to fight this pending legal battle and to safeguard our shared legacy and the future of the wapiti, if not all our valued big game animals. NZDA has fought for our wapiti several times in our history, and this is the next battle. 


It’s no mistake that this is happening just as hunters are about to head into the hills for the roar, and the first-period wapiti hunters will come out from their remote blocks to this news.